Coating Inspector Gage®


Hi, my name is Pete. I have been working in the coatings industry for about 25 years. Most of that time I worked for painting contractors and now I teach and consult. These jobs were all over the US and some around the world. From these experiences, I wanted to solve some basic problems of inspection that plague nearly every job. I have been asked, ‘if you had to choose just one inspection tool, what would it be?’ and thought why not ask a different question? What if I could have just one tool that would help me do the things that no other tool would do? I want that tool, the one that makes my day go quicker, the one that prevents arguments, the one that makes my life easier. Well, this is the tool I came up with. If I had this tool, I think my life on a coating job would be easier! I hope you feel that way too. I hope you think of even more uses for it then I have. I hope your day, your job and life go easier once you use it too!


Have fun and be safe,